A boutique agency means that you will get to share a desk with the managing director (all 20+ of us work at one 30+ meter table).  In short you will join an ambitious team with a fantastic spirit and the desire and passion to do outstanding work for great clients.


As an agency we have high expectations of our team. We’re looking for high quality people who are keen and committed. In return, we’ll offer them a challenging and fulfilling environment.  And in true Darwinian spirit, we believe in evolution, we invest in people so that they can grow and evolve with us.

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As dedicated evolutionists, we also have our own internship programme which covers both school-endorsed and summer internships. It offers motivated, intelligent people a rich mix of learning, helping with projects and other experience in our creative, account and strategic departments. If this sounds like your kind of challenge, you could just be a darwin kind of person.


And yes, what’s more as an intern you will also get to share a desk with the managing director (all 20+ of us work at one 30+ meter table).

As a darwin intern working on account management and strategy, you’ll support the darwin account management team. You’re someone who’s not afraid of budgets and planning. And it would really make us smile if you can handle Excel and PowerPoint, and are also a great organiser. After your internship, you’ll have a very good overview of what it means to be an account manager or a strategist in a top notch communication agency (we might be boutique, but we’re also BBDO).


What you’ll do:

  • Some desk research work on our clients’ brands and their competitors, with a focus on communication strategy
  • Help prepare client meetings
  • Support the account management team in implementing communication activities for our clients
  • Go to internal and client meetings and learn a lot
  • And, like everybody in the agency, lend a helping hand whenever the workload requires it


darwin is an agency in evolution. That’s why we are amongst other things investing in our digital team. As a digital content manager you will join a team of marketing experts, and work for clients such as SPA, AkzoNobel, Come a Casa, KU Leuven, Lexus and BinckBank.

We are looking for an all-round digital creature with social skills. Your main duty is to execute social campaigns and manage communities on behalf of our clients. This means you are able to kickstart conversations, engage audiences and target ads to potential clients. You get to know the audiences and know what works best. And you are able to talk nerdy to our web- and SEA-partners as well.

We are not looking for someone with x years of experience or a specific diploma. We are looking for someone who is eager to learn and adapts to new circumstances quickly and masters both national languages. Someone who isn’t afraid to take on responsibilities and can stand the heat of the kitchen when everything has to be done all at once.

We are looking for a rare breed, but hey, that’s why our name is darwin.

Interested? Send your CV and two lines (yes, we are talking 280 characters or less) about why you are the digital content manager we are looking for to Jan Seurinck – or call +32 2 725 97 10