SOS Children's Villages. 99%.
Help abandoned children

SOS Children’s Villages helps needy kids through placement in foster homes grouped in a “village”. For the renovation of the Chantevent village they needed funding.

Go for the 1%

Let’s not ask money from a broad audience, let’s target those who can really make a difference: 6 captains of industry. But how to reach them? You won’t be able to get hold of them by mail, phone or letter. But use newspapers as a targeted direct mail. We disguised a direct mail piece as the most targeted ad ever in De Tijd/L’Echo. We were sure to reach them through those financial newspapers and we also counted on some peer pressure…

SOS Kinderdorpen. 99%.
You are the 99%

We placed the ad just once. To get it noticed we took a well known language that stands out in the environment of financial newspapers: Occupy Wall Street. We turned this codes upside down giving it a positive and hopeful feel. Inviting the 6 CEO’s to contact SOS Children’s Villages in a challenging way.

3 of the 6 targets contacted SOS Children’s Villages
Sophie Dutordoir of Electrabel entered in a 3 year 300.000€ partnership with SOS Children’s Villages.
99% won a number of Belgian and international awards. From BOAs and Cuckoos over Epica to IMCs and the EACA Care Award.