SPA pregnant woman
Make Spa an iconic brand once again

Belgium’s greatest mineral water brand had become a confusing group of sub-brands, each with their own story. Spadel wanted to go back to the core of the brand: “Spa is life”. darwin’s challenge was to create an iconic master brand campaign, re-establishing Spa as the quintessential water brand, adding value to each sub-brand.

Circle of life

Because water is essential to life, you’re entitled to the best water to live your life to the fullest. Thanks to its incredible purity, Spa is the best water in the world. So you’re entitled to Spa.

SPA child
SPA senior
Celebrate life

We show the “circle of life” as an underwater journey from birth to new life. That makes water omnipresent, helping us, pushing us throughout our life. Water becomes a celebration of life. Spa. To life.

feel good
After the first month of the campaign the brand already progressed on key perception variables. Scoring 45% on ‘helps me feel good’ the brand was up 8% vs the zero measurement. (IPSOS)
live life to the full
On ‘helps me live life to the full’ Spa improved 10% from the baseline measurement with a score of 34%. (IPSOS)
high quality
60% of respondents scored Spa as a high quality water, up 5%. (IPSOS)
The feel good factor also had an external aspect, 38% of people were proud to use Spa, an increase of 5%. (IPSOS)