Support the Spa Fruit launch with sampling.  But give that sampling the curious vibe of the product.  Make it remarkable and talkable.


Spa Fruit comes in three main flavours.  Each flavour has its own brightly coloured cap.  Can we use these colours to tell the product’s story while sampling?


We teamed up with designer Kristof Saelen to create three pixel artworks. Each artwork used 5.5970 Spa Fruit bottles to visualise one of the tastes in a giant (15 by 2.5 meters) cooled pixel wall.  While sampling, one visual morphs into another to show all the tastes.  We placed the pixel wall in the central stations of Antwerp and Liège, reaching thousands of consumers each morning.  The experience was also shared on social media.

samples in 4 days
Facebook views
A colourful brand story
Sampling not only the product, but also the brand