UNICEF. Wat als?
Get children’s rights back to top of mind

As part of the Sustainable Development Goals children’s rights are UNICEF’s core business . However, recent humanitarian disasters have pushed children’s rights down the agenda.


Children’s rights are an outstanding illustration of the ‘inverse proportionality of distance’ as far as humanitarian and social problems are concerned. The further away a problem is, the less important it seems. As most children’s rights issues occur in countries far away from Belgium, they seem less relevant to us. So, we needed to localise children’s rights issues to increase their top of mind awareness.

UNICEF. Wat als?
UNICEF. Wat als?
Wat als?

We not only wanted to localise the problem, we also wanted to break through the wall of good cause messages from an ever-expanding number of organisations. We teamed up with the Emmy award-winning team of the ‘Wat Als?’ (What If?) comedy shows, using humour to confront people with the very painful reality. As we were on a very limited budget, we only used social media. But that proved not to be a problem as we got 1 million views in less than 2 days.