Vlam. Kazen van bij ons.

Sell more Belgian cheeses by making them more local and more authentic. People don’t have a clear idea about Belgian cheeses. They’re stuck in the middle between the Dutch hard cheeses and the French, soft gastronomic cheeses. People only know that there are lots of different Belgian cheeses.


We saw that the great variety of Belgian cheeses is tied in with our typical Belgian character. Because Belgium has been invaded by many other nations in the past, Belgians developed a strong sense of individualism. We’ll do our own thing regardless of who’s in charge. That’s why you find so many types of beer, no architectural cohesion and …… so many different cheeses in our country.


We translated the insight that our unique character is the origin of our abundant variety of cheeses into our campaign line: “Kazen van bij ons, Karakters van bij ons”(Local cheeses, local characters).

Vlam. Kazen van bij ons.
Vlam. Kazen van bij ons.

A road movie shows that our individualism not only leads to some crazy situations, but also to a great choice of authentic, local cheeses.

‘Characters’ scored high on recall with 59% and likeability with a top 2 box score of 72% in the VAR Diva study (TNS).
With a 53% score vs the benchmark of 40% the campaign was seen as highly original in the Medialaan Topspots research (Insites Consulting).
The story was perceived as very credible with a score of 53% (benchmark 38%). (Insites Consulting)
At the same time ‘Characters’ was also very relevant for the target audience, 35% score vs 24% benchmark. (Insites Consulting)